We are committed to ensuring complete transparency around your privacy.

Our Statement

Sway Finance, Inc. integrates with your financial accounts to provide the easiest way for you to stay on top of your company’s money. Sway is used by people who are interested in staying up-to-date with their company’s revenues and expenses. This privacy statement describes privacy practices which are specific to Sway. For questions regarding our privacy policy or practices, contact Sway through this form.

What information does Sway collect?

  • Registration information. You need a Sway account before you can receive information through our Slack bot. When you register for an account, we collect your email address and password. We also collect your connected Slack channel (team name, channel, associated metadata, and access token that Slack gives us to connect to your account) if you choose to integrate Slack with our service.
  • Stripe connections. You can choose to integrate Stripe with our service. We collect access tokens from Stripe that we use to connect to your account, as well as any associated metadata. We do not touch or store your credentials when you connect your Stripe account to our service. We have read-only access and cannot move money from/to your Stripe account.
  • Bank connections. We use Plaid, a third-party data aggregator, to connect to your company’s bank accounts. Plaid handles all bank integrations from the user’s browser, and you will need to enter your bank username, password, and any multi-factor authentication credentials in order to connect your accounts. Since we use Plaid to enable bank integrations, we do not touch or store your credentials when you connect your accounts to our service.
  • Bank data. We receive bank transaction data that we use to provide you analytics to your specified Slack channel. We store daily bank balances for use only by the associated bank account holder. We will not give this information to anyone without explicit written consent by the bank account holder.
    Data collection disclaimer: Client uses third parties to gather End User’s data from financial institutions. By using our service, you grant our third-party provider the right, power, and authority to act on your behalf to access and transmit your personal and financial information from the relevant financial institution according to terms of our third-party provider’s privacy policy.

How does Sway use the information we collect?

We use the information we collect for the explicit purposes stated on our home page. We will not sell your data.

With whom do we share or disclose your information?

We work with Stripe and third-party aggregators (Plaid) to connect to your accounts and retrieve transactional data. Our service is operated through Slack, whose integration we use to transmit our service to you. We do not share your information with anyone else beyond those you have explicitly authorized to receive notifications from our service.

What are your rights to your information?

You can:
  • Update your account details. You can update your registration and other account information from your settings page. Information is updated immediately.
  • Add/delete Slack integration. You can integrate your Slack team with our service in the onboarding on from your settings page.
  • Add Stripe connections. We provide you the ability to connect or disconnect Stripe accounts.
  • Add bank connections. We provide you the ability to connect or disconnect bank accounts through our third-party data aggregator.
  • Update/delete your financial connections. You can update and delete your financial integrations (Stripe and bank accounts) through your dashboard. Changes are made immediately with a 7-day transition period to remove data from back-up storage.
  • Close your account. You can close your Sway account at any time through your settings page. Any cancellation of your Sway account will result in the deletion of your account, any bank connections/Slack integrations, and all associated data. Changes are made immediately with a 7-day transition period to remove data from back-up storage. This data cannot be recovered once your account is cancelled.


Each user is assigned a unique email and password which is required to access their Sway account. It is each user’s responsibility to protect the security of his or her sign-in information. Regardless of the security protections and precautions we undertake, there is always a risk that your personal data may be viewed and used by unauthorized third parties as a result of collecting and transmitting your data over the internet.
We are committed to conducting our business in accordance with these principles in order to ensure that the confidentiality of personal information is protected and maintained. Sway Finance, Inc. may change its Privacy Policy from time to time, and at our sole discretion.